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More than hydration

With the perfect balance of electrolytes, anti aging reishi mushrooms, detoxing seaweed and muscle recovery amino acids, we're the first step to a better tomorrow.


I bought this product to add much-needed hydration & electrolytes to my daily routine.& to supplement detox ..I like the flavor (blueberry lemon & it makes drinking water 💦 much more enjoyable. I “feel” better in just the week I’ve been using it & have had more energy throughout my busy day & stamina at the gym ! I would absolutely buy this again & recommend it to friends!!

This product works great when I fast. I drink it about 1/2 into my 24 hour fast and curbs my appetite

Fast Forward helps me recover much more quickly when I've asked too much of body. I find that I need less sleep to feel great, and it helps recover from dehydration after working out much more efficiently. I also love the flavor - it's really tasty but mild. I love this product.

Product mixes well, have a great flavor, and also provides a great source for sustained energy and focus without that over caffeinated feeling that similar products can cause. Very much recommend.

This satisfies thirst very well and has a great flavor. It's one of the best electrolyte/EAAs on the market that I've found.

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