FastForward - all-in-one fasting supplement
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Why use FWD?
feel good when you fast

Electrolytes: improve hydration

Amino Acids: protein synthesis + tissue repair + nutrient absorption

Biohacking Activator: adapt body to stressors + decrease high blood sugar & cholesterol + detoxifies the body

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Your fun guide to a 24hr fast

We documented a day long fast to share how you can maximize every day you live and how FWD will make your fasting experience smoother and more enjoyable than anything else you've tried.

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A year ago I was spending 2 hours every morning making and enjoying pancakes filled with crazy ingredients. It was an art. It was also a waste of 2 hours during the most productive time of my day. I wanted to have that time to change the world, so I started fasting. Once I felt the mental clarity, focus and awareness from being in ketosis and autophagy, I knew I wanted to adopt this lifestyle. Unfortunately, my intense workouts were suffering because water and salt just don't cut it if you want to perform fasted. I worked for almost a year with experts to bring your FastFWD, our first supplement in a line that will always be transparent, evolve and one day give you the proverbial Fountain of Immortality =)

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Intermittent Fasting Guide