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Improve your Intermittent Fasting with this.

Improve your Intermittent Fasting with this.

I love intermittent fasting. 

I started a little over a year ago when I realized I was spending most of my peak performance hours (8 am–12 pm) making and eating my breakfast. Around that same time, I became fascinated with Dave Asprey (of Bulletproof Coffee) and the idea of biohacking.

Biohacking — (v) to use science, biology, and self-experimentation to take control of and upgrade your body, your mind, and your life. (Dave Asprey)

This is what my day of 16:8 fasting looks like:

6:30 am — wake up

7:00 am— meditate (30 min vipassana)

7:30 am — journal (The Artist’s Way)

8:00 am — Bulletproof Coffee (recipe here)

8:30 am — creative workflow

11:00 am — workout (currently Centr — my fave home workout program)

11:45 am — recovery drink — FWD (buy here)

12:00 pm — break fast with apple cider vinegar and lemon

12:15 pm — eat lunch (currently Methodology — LA)

1:00 pm — creative workflow

4:00 pm — nature time/walk/breathe + snack

6:00 pm — dinner

7:00 pm — self-care and self-love and all the yummy things

8:00 pm — fast starts

10:30 pm — bedtime

What’s fasting?

It’s a modality of splitting your meal timing to allow for some really cool processes to activate. The most common form of fasting (and probably the easiest one to start with) is Intermittent Fasting (IF). With IF, you choose an interval you fast (you don’t eat [this is oversimplified, but let’s make this simple, eh?]) and an interval you do eat. For example, my split is 16:8, so I don’t eat for 16 hours, then I eat the following 8 hours. As you see above, I start eating at 12 pm and stop eating at 8 pm. 

Why fast?

The 16 hours I spend fasted allows my body to enter ketosis and autophagy. These are the main reasons I fast: ketosis — a state where your body uses fat for fuel and helps you lose weight & autophagy — a process where the body destroys and recycles its own cells in order to build new, healthy ones. If you have gut problems, a water fast (where you put nothing but water in your body during the 16-hour hast) can help ameliorate that as well, but I don’t do that. 

What else do I need?

This is where it gets fun. Fasting in itself is an amazing process and easy to start. Well, I decided to make it even better. I created a supplement (FastFWD) to allow you to get the most of your fasted period especially if you are active. I workout in the morning and, like many others, I felt gassed during the workouts. I created a supplement that addresses this issue. FWD has a full electrolyte panel, 9 essential amino acids, and a biohacking activator compound to really upgrade yourself. 

What are electrolytes and why do I need them?

Electrolytes refer to minerals dissolved in the body’s fluids, creating electrically charged ions. Exercise, as well as excessive alcohol consumption, heavy sweating, diarrhea, and vomiting, are some of the things that cause an electrolyte depletion, so we use electrolytes to bring the body back into balance. We can get most of these from a balanced diet, but when fasted, there can be a deficit.

What are amino acids and why do I need them?

Amino acids are a vital ingredient for protein synthesis, tissue repair, and nutrient absorption. Some amino acids also prevent muscle loss, improve mood, athletic performance, and weight loss. You get most of these from a balanced diet, but especially when exercising fasted, the body can use a boost in order to repair & grow muscle tissue and absorb the electrolytes it needs. Specifically for women, fasting affects the hormones and amino acids are an essential nutrient needed for best results.

What are there biohacking activators?

FWD has Reishi mushroom powder and brown seaweed extract.

Reishi historically was used exclusively by the old kings of China, however, nowadays we all have access to it. Yay. It has shown potential to support the body’s sleep cycle, it’s an adaptogen, so it helps your body adapt to stressors, it may help your immune system (it has many polysaccharides, antioxidant properties, and beta-glucans),

Brown seaweed helps control metabolism and promotes maturation of the nervous system, boosts the immune system, helps decrease high blood sugar and cholesterol, detoxifies the body from heavy metals, radioactive elements, free radicals, and toxins, improve the function the gastro-intestinal tract, improve the structure of hair and nails and promotes growth. Talk about a heavyweight!

Fine print

Fasting, like anything else on the internet, has so much research and so many opinions and so much advice it can get overwhelming, I agree. I chose 2 main sources I trust and I follow their concepts when I develop products. That Bulletproof and Zero. Check them put for more info and consult with a professional before you make any health decisions that work for you personally.

Happy fasting! 



Alex — Czar of Play





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